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March 31, 2012

Darrell Taylor

Catfish Killer Cheese Dip Baits and Professional Catfishing Guide Service
Lake Conroe, Texas

Fishing on Lake Conroe is good.

Thank God for all the recent rains which are bringing the lake level up toward normal pretty fast. It is only
2 feet below normal at this time and all the boat ramps are open.

The water is clear in the main part and a little bit muddy in the coves. The water temperature is running around
68 degrees in the main lake. We have been catching limits of nice fat catfish on almost every guided trip. The
weather is nice and it is very comfortable to be on the lake right now.

Black bass fishing has been good. They are around 0 up to 10 feet deep around rocks and boat docks. Baits that
are working well are shallow running crank baits, shad colored swim baits and soft plastics.

Crappie fishing is fair to good. They can be found in 10 feet or less of water in coves and creeks and around
boat docks. Minnows and jigs are both working right now.

Catfishing is GREAT right now. They seem to be scattered from all the recent
rains that have brought the lake level up to near normal.
They should be starting to spawn around the first weekend in April. They can be caught in 7 to 30 feet of
water on baited holes, under the 1097 bridge and on the edges of creek channels. Catfish Killer Punch Bait on
a treble hook fished 2 to 3 inches off the bottom is working well. They are ranging from 1-1/2 to around
8 lbs. on rod and reel.
Chicken livers, fresh caught shad, cut perch, minnows and shrimp are also catching some catfish.

Photos of catfishing trips may be viewed at

Larger catfish, mostly blues can be caught using Texas Catfish Bait Soap, fresh shad and or cut beef heart
or cut perch on Catfish Killer`s Flagging Juglines in from 20 to 40 feet of water. Flagging Jugs may be
ordered off the website for $6.50 each or you may order from A new bait
soap recently developed made with lye soap and cheese may be ordered from
and works wonders on rod and reel, Juglines and trotlines.

Hybrids are slow. They should be headed up toward the north end of the lake soon.

Bream are scattered. The best bait is Mighty Mealy worms, little pieces of worms or chicken liver
on a very small hook right now.

For information on planning a rod and reel catfishing trip or a Catfish Killer Jug catfishing trip or for
Information, Accommodations and Services on Lake Conroe go to
or or call me at 936-788-4413.

With the lake being a little low right now it is best to go out in a boat with a guide or someone else who
knows the lake really well. Go a little slower than normal and watch out for sand bars and stumps if
you don`t know the lake very well.

Please be safe on Lake Conroe and wear your life jacket when the boat is in motion.

Darrell Taylor
Professional Catfishing Guide on Lake Conroe since 1980.

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